Superman (AP Photo)

Rare Superman comic book sells for $175,000

  MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A rare copy of the comic book featuring Superman’s first appearance that went undiscovered for over 70 years in the insulation of a Minnesota house has been sold for $175,000. Stephen […]



Caped crusader hands over suspect

A man dressed as the comic book superhero Batman was filmed handing over a wanted man at a British police station.


Offset aims to expand storytelling boundaries

PHILADELPHIA (AP) – Offset is more than comics, it’s a laboratory. That, says boss Ivan Brandon, is why he sees the endeavor as more a “giant, amorphous experiment” that tackles storytelling from a “100 percent […]


Secretive, methodical, the so-called 'One Percent'

(AP) – Occupy Wall Street went after them and now a mismatched pair of heroes are doing the same. Whereas the so-called “one percent” is blamed for having a majority of wealth at the expense […]



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