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Obamacare is coming, and so are the scammers

As the debate rages over who benefits from the Affordable Care Act, one thing is becoming clear: The controversial program is a dream come true for con artists. Consumer experts warn that the program has […]


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‘Evil spirit’ scam plagues Asian immigrants in NYC

NEW YORK (AP) – Detectives say there has been a rash in New York of what are known as evil spirit or blessing scams. It targets older Chinese women who are swindled out of their […]


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Beware of ‘Life Alert’ scam!

Robocall scammers are using “Life Alert” to swindle seniors. If there are senior citizens in your family, make them aware of a new barrage of annoying robocalls is targeting the elderly all across the country […]


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Consumer survey shows most adults don’t know their rights with telemarketers

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Consumer Federation of America says nearly 9 in 10 of adults surveyed say they’re concerned that telemarketing calls they get from companies they haven’t done business with before might be scams.


For good and ill, adoption transformed by Internet

NEW YORK (AP) — In the emotion-charged realm of adoption, the Internet has been a transformative force, often for good, sometimes for ill.


SF police battling scam targeting Asian women

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – San Francisco police say thieves have made off with almost $2 million in an ongoing scam targeting elderly women in the Chinese community. The most recent cases were over the holiday […]



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