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Fire starts, inmates rebel at Santa Barbara jail

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. (AP) — Officials say Santa Barbara County jail is on lockdown after inmates started a fire, refused to evacuate from their cells and taunted firefighters sent to put it out.



L.A. Literary Salon celebrates Dashiell Hammett

Money 101 guest host Ron Kilgore talks with representatives of the Los Angeles Visionary Association (LAVA) about their fifth Literary Salon, celebrating hard-boiled novelist and screenwriter Dashiell Hammett. Click here to listen to an except of the interview.


Website to help achieve goals in 10 minutes a day

Laura Brady Saade started Give Me 10 about 10 years ago, when her kids were toddlers and she was desperate for some order in her days. Listen to the interview here.



Learn about real estate scams before it happens to you

There are lots of real estate scams out there. Bob talks with Andy Terhorst, an Investigator with the Orange County District Attorney’s Real Estate Fraud Unit.


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LA fire department to upgrade 911 dispatch center

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Los Angeles fire officials say they’ll upgrade their 911 dispatch center to work with neighboring fire agencies. Chief Brian Cummings said that the move will help city residents who may be closer to available rescuers from other areas.



Free workshops on getting funds for college

Today’s guest on Money 101 was Ben Kaplan, the founder of and author of “‘How to Go to College Almost for Free.” Ben will be hosting two free one-hour workshops in L.A.


Will your pain at the pump continue for long?

Oil industry analyst Bob Vandervalk explains the gas price problem to Penny Griego and Phil Hulett on the air this morning. Click to listen:


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Officials discuss security plan for LA-area schools

The mass shooting at the elementary school in Connecticut has made everyone question whether a similar scenario could happen in Los Angeles. Two officials explain what is planned in the Southland to address it. Click here to listen.



Long lines form at San Diego gun exchange

SAN DIEGO (AP) — Gun owners formed long lines in San Diego to turn in weapons as authorities vowed to step up firearms exchanges after the Connecticut school shooting.


Cat trapping plan put on hold by LA judge

LOS ANGELES (AP) – A $150 million renovation project at a Venice apartment complex is on hold until November because of a couple dozen stray cats. Owners of the Lincoln Place apartments planned to trap […]


Vote on Panda cub's name

Everyone is talking about voting these days, including fans of the San Diego Zoo’s pandas. Now it’s time to vote for the name of the male giant panda cub, born on July 29, 2012. There […]


New rules pending for L.A.'s digital billboards

(CNS) – After years of legal disputes, the Los Angeles City Council is expected today to authorize city officials to enter into negotiations with two large media companies to craft new rules regarding billboards. The […]