Death Valley National Park

Death Valley sand dunes

Death Valley puts brakes on running, cycling races

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Death Valley National Park is putting the brakes on ultramarathons and other extreme sports events that involve running and cycling until rangers can determine how safe it is to hold those […]


Death Valley sand dunes

Stop frying eggs, Death Valley officials say

DEATH VALLEY NATIONAL PARK, Calif. (AP) — It gets so hot in Death Valley that you can fry an egg with sun power. That’s what one Death Valley National Park employee did last week, when […]


(AP Photo)

How hot is it in the western US? Real hot

The heat wave that is gripping the western U.S. is one of the worst in years, with desert locations in the Southwest seeing temperatures approach 120 degrees. To give some perspective on the heat, here […]



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