This Feb. 5, 1930, photo shows former President and U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice William Howard Taft in his judicial robes. History buffs know Taft is the only president-turned-Supreme Court chief justice, but he's also remembered as the president whose weight, at times well over 300 pounds, made headlines. (AP Photo/Files)

Portly Taft helped usher in modern obesity care

WASHINGTON (AP) — Way before Weight Watchers or “The Biggest Loser,” a president known for his girth was helping to usher in a modern approach to treating obesity. Got a nagging doctor? The 27th president, […]


David Kirchhoff

David Kirchhoff on Business Rockstars

Today on Business Rockstars, Ken Rutkowski talks with CEO of Weight Watchers, David Kirchhoff. A leader by example, he shed the excess pounds after joining a Weight Watchers support group. He is now sharing his personal weight-loss story in his book, “Weight Loss Boss: How to Finally Win at Losing – And Take Charge in an Out-of-Control Food World.”


(AP Photo)

Cash can bribe dieters to lose weight, study finds

(AP) – Researchers are reporting success with using cash incentives to help people lose weight. In a yearlong study, people were offered a chance to win or lose $20 a month if they met certain diet goals.



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