In this Sept. 11, 2013 photo, Kirk Blankenship, Electronic Resources Librarian for Seattle Public Libraries, poses for a photo in the DVD shelving area of the library as he holds a tablet with the website for streaming-media company Hoopla, which the library is using to offer patrons free access to streaming movies, music, and audiobooks. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Now at your library: Streaming movies, music

SEATTLE (AP) — There’s a new source to stream movies and other digital content, and it’s not a tech company with tens of thousands of titles. It’s something more familiar, and might even be just […]



Weekend movie tips

How should you spend your box office money this weekend? Money 101 host Bob McCormick talks with William Bibbiani, Film Critic for craveonline.com and the B-Movies Podcast (available on iTunes) about the new films “Grown Ups […]


Todd DeMann

Todd DeMann on Business Rockstars

Today on Business Rockstars, Ken Rutkowski talks with Todd DeMann, the founder and CEO of Freshology, a food delivery service, whose meals are designed for the purpose of weight loss and healthy living. Fans of Freshology include Sofia Vergara, Hilary Duff, Mario Lopez, Vanessa Williams, and Sarah Michelle Gellar.


Betty Liu, anchor of Bloomberg TV’s “In the Loop with Betty Liu”

Betty Liu on Business Rockstars

Today on Business Rockstars, Ken Rutkowski talks with Betty Liu, the anchor of Bloomberg Television’s “In the Loop with Betty Liu,” a daily business morning news program that covers the opening of U.S. markets and financial, economic and political news from around the world. She also hosts the weekday half-hour program “In the Loop at the Half” at noon on Bloomberg Radio.


Tony Horton, creator of P90X.

Tony Horton on Business Rockstars

Today on Business Rockstars, Ken Rutkowski talks with Tony Horton, the creator behind P90X® – the best selling fitness program in America. Over the past 25 years, he has inspired and motivated people all over the world by sharing his fitness expertise with professional athletes, sports teams, television and film stars, recording artists and 4 million plus people.


Jon Benson

Jon Benson on Business Rockstars

Today on Business Rockstars, Ken Rutkowski talks with Jon Benson, who after a near-fatal heart attack, changed his life. Using clever eating and training strategies, he transformed from an obese man with heart disease to a lean healthy human. Now the CEO of Jon Benson Fitness, Fitology, and 3X Formulas, he teaches others how improve their health – and their life.


Daniel Day Lewis on poster for movie "Lincoln."(Photo:  Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/AP)

US Rep welcomes “Lincoln” concession on accuracy

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — A Congressman who saw a flaw in the movie “Lincoln” says he is pleased the screenwriter has conceded an inaccuracy in its portrayal of an 1865 vote on slavery.


Christopher Dorner (Photo: Irvine Police Department/AP)

Dorner sent package to CNN’s Anderson Cooper

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Law enforcement officials are inspecting a package CNN’s Anderson Cooper received from a former Los Angeles police officer who allegedly killed three people in a shooting spree.


(AP Photo)

Netflix could gain from loss of Sat. mail delivery

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Netflix won’t miss Saturday mail delivery, even though the weekend service helped keep the company’s DVD-by-mail subscribers happy.


Kathy Smith

Kathy Smith on Business Rockstars

Today on Business Rockstars, Ken Rutkowski talks with Kathy Smith, an incredible businesswoman who has stood at the forefront of the fitness and health industries for more than thirty years with a collection of books, videos, audios and DVDs.


Teachers flip for ‘flipped learning’ class model

SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) – When Timmy Nguyen comes to his pre-calculus class, he’s already learned the day’s lesson – he watched it on a short online video prepared by his teacher for homework.


New book digs into Netflix's origins, evolution

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Netflix is probably hoping a new book about its early history never gets made into a movie. The book, “Netflixed: The Epic Battle for America’s Eyeballs,” tries to debunk a widely […]



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