Money 101: Love, Sex and Money Week!

The week of June 25th, Bob McCormick tackles the top 3 topics that are on everyone’s mind: love, sex and money. This rollercoaster economy has reached deep into our personal lives and left literally no aspect […]


Fed survey finds US growth, hiring mostly steady

(AP) – A Federal Reserve survey finds the U.S. economy grew moderately in most regions of the country this spring and companies kept hiring, a hopeful sign after a spate of gloomy data released last […]


Now on Money 101

The discussion on today’s Money 101 with Bob McCormick will include: Did California almost run out of gas? A fuel expert weighs in at 9:10am. Little known things that can ding your credit score. Details […]


Check out today's Money 101 topics

Today on Money 101 with guest host Ron Kilgore: Is the government teaching your kids about the money the wrong way? The creator of “Sammy Rabbit” will be on the show at 9:17am An iconic […]


Money 101 guest info, May 16

Joel Kotkin Specialties: Demography, cities, economy Phone: (818) 509-3965 Website:   Jeff Lazerson Specialties: Mortgage interest rates, loan qualifying Phone: (800) 909-2668 Email: Website:


Brown seeks to eliminate 718 unnecessary reports

(AP) – Gov. Jerry Brown says his administration has found more than 700 unnecessary state reports as a result of a cost-cutting review he ordered last year. The governor on Tuesday released a list of […]


Do you deserve a raise?

The majority of those asked say they expect a bigger paycheck this year. Rusty Rueff is a career and workplace expert for Glassdoor, a job listings site, which released the poll. Raise optimists outnumbered pessimists […]


Tax fight and backlash against CSU admin

Governor Jerry Brown continues to make the case for a single tax initiative on the November ballot. Yesterday, he countered new ads airing in L.A. and San Francisco that compete with his initiative. The governor […]


Prop 13 hearing today

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa will testify in Sacramento today at a hearing of the Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee. The hearing revolves around whether to change Proposition 13′s definition of change of ownership. The […]


Digging out of debt on Money 101

Your college debt load could be a financial time bomb. How to get a debt collector to stop calling. Personal finance guru Liz Weston guests with Bob McCormick and takes your calls at (888) 539-2980 […]