Buffett gives $1.9B to Gates, other charities

(AP) – Billionaire Warren Buffett has handed out $1.9 billion worth of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. stock as part of his plan to gradually give away most of his $44.1 billion fortune. Buffett disclosed his gifts […]


Obama, Romney say each other's policies have failed before

(AP) – As Mitt Romney sees it, President Barack Obama is pushing economic ideas that have been tried and have failed. But Obama says the same thing about Romney, as each one promises to revive […]


News Corp. considers split in 2, stock jumps

(AP) – Under pressure to limit contagion from the British phone-hacking scandal, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. said Tuesday that it is considering splitting into two publicly traded companies. The move comes as Britain’s communications regulator, […]


Foreclosure info on Money 101, June 22

Today on Money 101, Bob McCormick spoke about homeowners hit with bank mistakes that led to foreclosures could be due as much as $125,000 dollars. Regulators have released a plan to compensate those borrowers caught […]


Money 101: Love, Sex and Money Week!

The week of June 25th, Bob McCormick tackles the top 3 topics that are on everyone’s mind: love, sex and money. This rollercoaster economy has reached deep into our personal lives and left literally no aspect […]


Fed survey finds US growth, hiring mostly steady

(AP) – A Federal Reserve survey finds the U.S. economy grew moderately in most regions of the country this spring and companies kept hiring, a hopeful sign after a spate of gloomy data released last […]


Now on Money 101

The discussion on today’s Money 101 with Bob McCormick will include: Did California almost run out of gas? A fuel expert weighs in at 9:10am. Little known things that can ding your credit score. Details […]


Check out today's Money 101 topics

Today on Money 101 with guest host Ron Kilgore: Is the government teaching your kids about the money the wrong way? The creator of “Sammy Rabbit” will be on the show at 9:17am An iconic […]


Money 101 guest info, May 16

Joel Kotkin Specialties: Demography, cities, economy Phone: (818) 509-3965 Website:   Jeff Lazerson Specialties: Mortgage interest rates, loan qualifying Phone: (800) 909-2668 Email: Website:


Brown seeks to eliminate 718 unnecessary reports

(AP) – Gov. Jerry Brown says his administration has found more than 700 unnecessary state reports as a result of a cost-cutting review he ordered last year. The governor on Tuesday released a list of […]


Do you deserve a raise?

The majority of those asked say they expect a bigger paycheck this year. Rusty Rueff is a career and workplace expert for Glassdoor, a job listings site, which released the poll. Raise optimists outnumbered pessimists […]


Tax fight and backlash against CSU admin

Governor Jerry Brown continues to make the case for a single tax initiative on the November ballot. Yesterday, he countered new ads airing in L.A. and San Francisco that compete with his initiative. The governor […]





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