endangered species

A pair of island fox. (Photo courtesy of National Park Service/Friends of the Island Fox)

Experts seek to remove fox from endangered list

SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) — Two subspecies of a fox that lives only on an island chain off the Southern California coast should be removed from the endangered species list because of a dramatic increase […]


A blobfish from a YouTube screen grab.

Blobfish wins ‘Uglies Animal Alive’ title

The blobfish, a deepwater dweller that looks like a melted head, has won the title of Ugliest Animal Alive, by popular vote. The Ugly Animal Preservation Society, which champions “aesthetically challenged” endangered species everywhere, ran […]


Polar Bear peers over the edge of an ice floe, Svalbard archipelago, Norway. (AP Photo)

Mounted 8-foot polar bear looking for a Pa. home

JONESTOWN, Pa. (AP) — A Pennsylvania restaurant owner is trying to find a good home for an 8-foot stuffed polar bear. For years, patrons of the Woods Creek Grill outside of Harrisburg have enjoyed posing […]


Vendor slices up block of whale meat in southwestern Japan

2 Calif chefs charged with serving illegal whale

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A Southern California sushi restaurant and two chefs have been indicted on conspiracy and other charges for allegedly serving illegal and endangered whale meat.


UN: Polar bears among species to be hotly debated

GENEVA (AP) – Nations will be asked to decide whether the polar bear should be considered an endangered species because of global warming. The U.S. proposal to increase the protection given to polar bears was […]


Endangered species in LAX contraband

(CNS) – Inspectors at Los Angeles International Airport seized a number of products made from parts of endangered animals, including seven ivory tusks, being carried in the luggage of a U.S. citizen arriving from Europe, […]



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