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Obama, congressional leaders meet at White House

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama and congressional leaders are meeting at the White House, with billions of dollars in automatic budget cuts ready to start kicking in.


Senate facilities workers make up beds on Capitol Hill in preparation for all-night floor debates. (AP Photo)

Top senators reach deal to curb filibusters

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate’s senior Democrat and Republican reached agreement Thursday to impose modest limits on the filibuster, the delaying tactics that minority parties have long used to kill legislation.


Bullets for sale

Obama administration plan for curbing gun violence

(AP) – Here are the proposals for curbing gun violence announced Wednesday by President Barack Obama in an easy to read digest.


Harry Reid

AP Sources: ‘Fiscal cliff’ deal emerging

WASHINGTON (AP) — The contours of a deal to avert the ‘fiscal cliff’ emerged Monday, with Democrats and Republicans agreeing to raise tax rates on family income over $450,000 a year, increase the estate tax rate and extend unemployment benefits for one year, officials familiar with the negotiations said.


Fiscal cliff

Senate leaders offer dour take on ‘cliff’ talks

WASHINGTON (AP) – A Capitol Hill deal to avert the “fiscal cliff” was proving elusive Sunday as a deadline to avert tax hikes on virtually every American worker and block sweeping spending cuts grew perilously near.


Fiscal cliff

Last ditch effort to avoid fiscal cliff under way

WASHINGTON (AP) — The end game at hand, the White House and Senate leaders launched a final attempt at compromise Friday night in hopes of preventing a toxic blend of middle-class tax increases and spending cuts from taking effect.


President Barack Obama (r) and House Speaker John Boehner. (AP Photo)

White House meeting a last stab at a fiscal deal

WASHINGTON (AP) — Top members of Congress and the President were holding out slim hopes for a limited fiscal deal. The 11th-hour scramble was a test for Obama: balancing his re-election with his vows to compromise.


Stocks down

Stocks turn lower after consumer confidence sinks

NEW YORK (AP) — Stocks fell Thursday, pushed down by unwelcome signs that the economy is still far from repaired and that “fiscal cliff” negotiations are far from sealed.


Fiscal Cliff

Obama calls congressional leaders on fiscal cliff

WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House says President Barack Obama has made separate phone calls to congressional leaders to discuss the impending fiscal cliff.


President Barack Obama (r) and House Speaker John Boehner. (AP Photo)

Hot rhetoric, tiny numbers separate Obama, Boehner

WASHINGTON (AP) — In their fiscal cliff standoff, President Obama wants to raise taxes by $20 billion a year more than House Speaker Boehner. The president wants the government to spend that much more yearly than Boehner does, too.


Fiscal Cliff

A timeline for ‘fiscal cliff’ negotiations

Some key dates for negotiations involving the White House and congressional leaders to avert the year-end series of federal tax increases and spending cuts known as the “fiscal cliff”:


Fiscal cliff

Obama officials, lawmakers set for talks and debt-cutting

An administration official says two of President Barack Obama’s top negotiators on the “fiscal cliff” will meet separately on Thursday with leading lawmakers.