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20/20 Commission: The future of Los Angeles

A 13-member citizen panel says in a report released today that Los Angeles is a city in decline, strangled by traffic, weighed down by poverty and suffering from “a crisis of leadership and direction.” City […]


Los Angeles Mayor

Eric Garcetti talks endorsements and upcoming debate

Eric Garcetti has won endorsements from City Council’s black members Bernard Parks, Jan Perry and Herb Wesson. He has touched on issues that resonate with many black Angelenos.


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L.A. 2020 Commission to provide budget guidance

LOS ANGELES (CNS) – Former U.S. Secretary of Commerce Mickey Kantor will announce a 12-member independent commission tomorrow charged with developing budget-balancing ideas for the city of Los Angeles. City Council President Herb Wesson last […]


LA Council supports tax increase

LOS ANGELES (CNS) – The Los Angeles City Council today signaled its strong support for a half-cent sales tax increase to fund city services, but also moved forward with three additional proposals that could go […]


Riordan, business leaders threaten Ballot Measure to alter city pension system

(CNS) – A coalition of business leaders, including former Mayor Richard Riordan, threatened today to mount a ballot measure campaign to take away the authority of the city’s leadership over the city’s pension system and […]



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