A new airplane armrest has finally solved the problem of sharing

Of the 15,000 horrible things about flying, fighting with the stranger next to you over the ARMREST is one of the worst.  But this new invention may be the answer. A company in Hong Kong […]


PHOTO: New burger is topped with Pabst Blue Ribbon inside an exploding fried wonton

PYT is a restaurant in Philadelphia that makes the craziest burgers in the world . . . last year they made burgers that used lasagna and deep-fried Twinkies as buns. And now they’re back with […]


Supreme Court Health Care Ruling Expected This Morning

The Supreme Court passes judgment this morning on a major expansion of the social safety net that is also President Barack Obama’s signature domestic legislative achievement. The most important piece of the Affordable Health Care […]


Cal State budget cuts and president raises

In the next year or two, things could get even more difficult for students trying to get into college, and get out with a degree. Faced with a big deficit, Cal State officials plan to […]


Solar storm strikes

The largest solar storm in five years rained down on our planet early this morning with the promise of shaking the globe’s magnetic field while expanding the Northern Lights. KFWB’s Penny Griego and Phil Hulett […]


Mobile billboards banned

Mobile billboards – traffic hazard or freedom of speech? The Los Angeles City Council has voted to ban them, but the billboard companies say the ban is a violation of the First Amendment. KFWB’s Phil […]



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