Money 101: Smart ways to manage your money

We have the information you need to help with your finances. Today on Money 101 with Bob McCormick the conversation will include: How to leverage your Social Security as an investment tool — expert Andy […]


Jeri Harman

Jeri Harman on Business Rockstars

Today on Business Rockstars, Ken Rutkowski talks with Jeri Harman, a founder and partner or Avante Mezzanine Partners, who has 30 years of financing experience. In April, she will be inducted into the National Association of Women Business Owners Hall of Fame.


Money 101 on loan rates, the worth of your vinyl albums

Money 101 with Bob McCormick always has information you need to help with your finances. Today’s conversation will feature: What are those old Elvis albums worth?  9:05 a.m. The lowdown on the best loan rates for […]


Fiscal cliff

The Fiscal Cliff and You – Penny and Phil Have you Covered

Jon Lonksi, Chief Economist with Moody’s Capital Market Research offers his opinion on what happens to investments, and personal equity if Congress allows us to go over the fiscal cliff. Listen to a replay of Lonski’s conversation with Penny Griego and Phil Hulett


Madness on Wall Street

Investors do stupid things after their favorite sports teams lose. MarketWatch columnist Mark Hulbert found out first hand by watching neighbors and colleagues who follow UNC and Duke. Scientific studies have shown that when a […]



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