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Person of interest named in So. Calif. jogger mauling

PALMDALE, Calif. (AP) – Sheriff’s authorities said a man who was arrested this week on suspicion of growing marijuana is now a “person of interest” in the death of a 63-year-old jogger who was mauled […]


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Marijuana now legal in Washington state

A new law makes it legal to possess and smoke marijuana in Washington state, but pot possession is still a federal crime. Watch this CNN report.


Marijuana found in Rowland Heights park

ROWLAND HEIGHTS (CNS) – A small enclave of marijuana plants was found this morning by detectives in the hills above Pathfinder Regional Community Park, authorities said. A tip from employees with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s […]


Marijuana worth $5M found in Calif. grow houses

(AP) – An estimated $5 million crop of marijuana has been found in two Southern California grow houses where investigators say $100,000 in stolen electricity was used to raise the pot. Los Angeles County sheriff’s […]


Stove-top fire in condo uncovers ton of pot

(AP) – Sheriff’s deputies and firefighters responding to a stove-top fire have discovered a ton of marijuana in a Southern California condominium. Los Angeles County sheriff’s Sgt. Mike Mendoza says deputies and firefighters forced their […]


19 tons of pot dumped at sea near US-Mexico border

(AP) – The U.S. Navy says an aircraft carrier group recovered about 19 tons of marijuana dumped from small boats in the Pacific Ocean near California’s border with Mexico. The Navy said Tuesday that two […]


Calif. voters against legal pot; how about you?

(CNS) – California may be the cradle of the movement to decriminalize marijuana, but most voters do not want to see it legalized for recreational use in the Golden State, according to a new poll. […]


Marijuana rally in trouble at Colorado university

(AP) – The pungent smell of pot that blankets a popular quadrangle at the University of Colorado-Boulder every April 20 was replaced by the stench of fish-based fertilizer Friday as administrators tried to stamp out […]


Intercepted pilot charged with possession

Remember when President Obama visited the Los Angeles area last month, and a man piloted a small plane into restricted airspace, prompting Air Force fighter jets to intercept him? The man has been charged with […]


Smoking marijuana helps lung health

Smoking the occasional marijuana cigarette does not  seem to have detrimental effects on your lungs, according to new research. In fact, University of Alabama-Birmingham researcher Dr. Stefan Kertesz said his research showed pot smokers were actually […]




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