Penny and Phil Sound Bite

What is a Bitcoin ?

BitCoin, the virtual currency has been in the news a lot lately from stories about it’s alleged founder Temple City resident Satoshi Nakamoto to the bankruptcy of it’s Japanese exchange, Mt. Gox.  But what is BitCoin and […]


Penny and Phil Sound Bite

BLT’s and pizza could get more expensive

In case you haven’t noticed, your grocery bill is getting much more expensive. And, it’s no just at the meat counter where prices are soaring, the cost of lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and bread are climbing […]


Maggie and Michael sound bite

Free credit reports help you ensure hackers don’t open new accounts under your name

Chuck Jaffee, Senior Columnist for Marketwatch advises to keep track of your credit report by using each one of the three major credit agencies. You can check your credit report every three months for free […]


Penny and Phil Sound Bite

Jobs report roundtable

A recent string of good news reports about the U.S. economy was sending shivers down the spines of many Wall Street traders who believe encouraging signs will push the Federal Reserve closer to puling back […]


Penny and Phil Sound Bite

Low numbers on Covered California

California’s health insurance exchange led the nation in enrollments the first month of operation. But the numbers are still far below the ultimate goal. Penny and Phil spoke with Russ Britt, the L-A Bureau Chief […]



Tips for repairing your credit

Bob talks with John Ulzheimer, contributor to and with Jennifer Waters, Consumer Confidential columnist with


Penny and Phil Sound Bite

The promise of ” Obamacare “

For months the president said,”If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.” Now, he is asking insurance companies to explain cancellation letters. Phil and Penny discussed this with Russ Britt, the L-A Bureau […]


Penny and Phil Sound Bite

More concerns about ‘Obamacare’

In our continuing effort to help you understand the rules of the Affordable Care Act, we want to follow up on what the Obama Administration plans to do with the deadlines for the individual mandate, […]


Penny and Phil Sound Bite

6 things boomers need to know about Obamacare

As more of the Affordable Care Act is about to be implemented, experts say there are certain things about the law that everybody over 50 could benefit from understanding better. Penny and Phil spoke with […]


Penny and Phil Sound Bite

Washington’s budget paralysis

As the political standoff on automatic spending cuts shows no signs movement, a lot of economists believe the biggest drag on the economy is the continuing budget paralysis in Washington. Click to listen to an interview with MarketWatch’s Rob Schroeder.




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