NASA cheers Mars landing, welcomes new photos

(AP) – NASA celebrated the precision landing of a rover on Mars and marveled over the mission’s first photographs Monday – grainy, black-and-white images of Martian gravel, a mountain at sunset and, most exciting of […]


Why Mars again? A look at NASA's latest venture

(AP) – NASA’s new robot rover named Curiosity landed safely late Sunday in a huge crater near the equator of Mars and will soon begin its scientific studies. This marks NASA’s eighth landing on the […]


NASA to athletic Mars rover: 'Stick the landing'

(AP) – It’s NASA’s most ambitious and expensive Mars mission yet – and it begins with the red planet arrival late Sunday of the smartest interplanetary rover ever built. Also the most athletic. Like an […]


NASA rover on target for August landing on Mars

(AP) – NASA’s latest spacecraft to Mars is due to land in August even as engineers are troubleshooting a contamination issue with one of its instruments. Mission managers said Monday the one-ton rover named Curiosity […]


Digital copy of "The Martian Chronicles" on Mars

(AP) – Near the north pole of Mars, a piece of Ray Bradbury lives on, waiting to be discovered by someone in the future. A digital copy of Bradbury’s “The Martian Chronicles” along with works […]


Budget woes force NASA to redraw plans to Mars

(AP) – NASA is racing to come up with a new, cheaper road map to Mars. The space agency said Friday it’s seeking ideas from scientists and engineers around the globe for robotic missions it […]