McDonald's Happy Meal toys named Happy. (Photo credit: McDonald's Facebook page)

McDonalds rolls out new, ‘creepy’ Happy Meal character

McDonald’s has introduced its newest Happy Meal character named “Happy.” Unfortunately, customers’ reaction to “Happy” has been anything but happy. Try fear. The creature is box-shaped with Gumby-like arms, eyes popping out of the top […]


A burger and fries at a Burger King. (AP Photo/LM Otero, File)

Burger King offers burgers for breakfast

NEW YORK (AP) — Burger King has some new additions to its breakfast menu — its flame-broiled burgers. The Miami-based chain says its “Burgers at Breakfast” menu includes its Whoppers, Cheeseburgers and Big King sandwiches, […]


Ronald McDonald's makeover (Photo credit: McDonald's via Twitter)

Ronald McDonald is hip and he’s lovin’ it

(AP) -Ronald McDonald is going chic. Or, at least he’s certainly trying to. The McDonald’s icon famous for his wild red hair, yellow jumpsuit and floppy shoes, has gotten a makeover from a theatrical stylist […]


Passover Haggadah and kiddush cup (AP Photo)

Israelis get kosher cigarettes for Passover

JERUSALEM (AP) — Observant Jews in Israel craving a smoke during the week-long Passover holiday that starts at sundown Monday can now enjoy a rabbi-approved puff.


Crowd in Hong Kong

Poor in cages show dark side of Hong Kong boom

HONG KONG (AP) — For many of the richest people in Hong Kong, one of Asia’s wealthiest cities, home is a mansion with an expansive view from the heights of Victoria Peak. For some of the poorest, like Leung Cho-yin, home is a metal cage.



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