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Feds ban some Medicare providers in crackdown

MIAMI (AP) — For the first time in history, federal health officials said Friday they will ban certain types of Medicare and Medicaid providers in three high-fraud cities from enrolling in the tax-payer funded programs […]


An Associated Press interactive about the Affordable Care Act. (AP Photo)

3 interactive slides delve into ‘Obamacare’

An interactive on the U.S. health care overhaul includes: 1) How states are managing the health overhaul 2) A look at the key provisions 3) Reviewing the previous efforts of overhauling health care


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Study: Later retirement may help prevent dementia

BOSTON (AP) — New research boosts the “use it or lose it” theory about brainpower and staying mentally sharp. People who delay retirement have less risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia, […]



Podiatrists, dentists must be covered

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – California lawmakers improperly stopped funding certain medical services that rural and other specialized health clinics provided to low-income residents under the state’s Medicaid program, a federal appeals court ruled Friday. A […]


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Beware of ‘Life Alert’ scam!

Robocall scammers are using “Life Alert” to swindle seniors. If there are senior citizens in your family, make them aware of a new barrage of annoying robocalls is targeting the elderly all across the country […]


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Dying in LA as expensive as living in LA

LOS ANGELES (CNS) – More money is spent in the Los Angeles area on chronically ill patients in their final years than anywhere else in the United States, according to new data on Medicare patients. […]


Today on Money 101: What you need to know about Obamacare

We have the information you need to help with your finances. Today on Money 101 with Bob McCormick the conversation will include: Will “Obamacare” affect Medicare? What you need to know about “Obamacare” as experts, […]



Clips from today’s Money 101

Will Social Security be there for you? Bob has the results of a new study and talks about it with Andy Landis of ‘Thinking Retirement.” Also Bob talks to Barry Hinden, senior partner and founder […]


Today on Money 101: Home prices; Medicare for eye surgery; foreclosure info

We have the information you need to help with your finances. Today on Money 101 with Bob McCormick the conversation will include: Keeping your home out of foreclosure. Today’s home prices — what you can […]


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Trustees say Medicare exhausted in 2026

WASHINGTON (AP) — The government says Medicare’s giant hospital trust will not be exhausted until 2026, while the date that Social Security will exhaust its trust fund is unchanged at 2033. The date for Medicare […]





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