Monterey Bay

US Coast Guard seal

Report of boat sinking off Calif. possible hoax

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (AP) — The Pacific Ocean either swallowed an adventurous couple and two young children aboard a sailboat off the Monterey coast, or someone played a cruel hoax that wasted Coast Guard resources and tugged at the hearts of coastal residents.


San Francisco man suspected of taking kids, sailing away

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (AP) – Authorities are searching for a man suspected of abducting his toddler children from their mother’s South San Francisco home and then sailing away in a stolen boat. Police have […]


New sea otter count shows slow population growth

MONTEREY, Calif. (AP) – New data show a slight increase in the number of threatened California sea otters swimming in coastal waters, a comeback made more difficult because of a recent uptick in shark attacks. […]


Food abundance luring blue whales to Calif. coast

(AP) – Blue whales, the world’s largest animal, are being seen in droves off the Northern California coast. Biologists say they are being lured by an increase this year in their favorite food: the shrimp-like […]



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