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Stock market rises back into record territory

NEW YORK (AP) — The stock market marched back into record territory as investors seized on the latest encouraging news about the economy. On Tuesday, it was a report on the health of small businesses. […]


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Talk of more corporate deals sends stocks higher

NEW YORK (AP) — Talk of more deal-making is sending stock prices higher, setting the market up to continue a seven-week rally. Reports that Office Depot and OfficeMax are discussing a merger come after several big corporate deals were announced recently.


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‘Fiscal cliff’ deal sends markets shooting higher

NEW YORK (AP) — The “fiscal cliff” compromise, for all its chaos and controversy, was enough to send the stock market shooting higher Wednesday, the first trading day of the new year. All the major U.S. stock indexes swelled by at least 2 percent.


Stocks down

A Fed rally fades away on Wall Street; Dow down 3

NEW YORK (AP) – An afternoon stock market rally has faded away after investors reassessed the Federal Reserve’s latest plans to stimulate the economy.


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Stocks move higher as US jobs picture improves

NEW YORK (AP) – Stocks are closing mostly higher on Wall Street after the government reported job growth that was better than economists had anticipated. The Dow Jones industrial average closed up 81 points to […]


Stocks fall sharply; investors fret about 'cliff'

NEW YORK (AP) – Stocks are finishing the day down sharply as investors worry about the “fiscal cliff.” The Dow Jones industrial average is ending the day down 185 points at 12,570. The Standard & […]


Stocks close little changed as fiscal cliff looms

(AP) – Stocks are closing little changed on Wall Street as investors focus again on the looming “fiscal cliff” faced by the U.S. government. The Dow Jones industrial average ended a quarter point lower than […]


Asia stocks sink as US faces fiscal crunch

BANGKOK (AP) — Asian stock markets tumbled Thursday after a ratings agency threatened to downgrade the U.S. if a solution to the so-called fiscal cliff isn’t negotiated among lawmakers and newly re-elected President Barack Obama. […]


Dow on track for worst decline in a year

NEW YORK (AP) – Investors are dumping stocks as they turn their focus to a world of problems now that the election is over – tax increases and spending cuts that could stall the nation’s […]


Stocks rally as Americans head to the polls

(AP) – Stocks are closing sharply higher on Wall Street as Americans head to the polls in a closely fought U.S. presidential election. The Dow Jones industrial average rose 133 points to close at 13,246 […]





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