National Human Genome Research Institute

A Mnemiopsis leidyi, a species of comb jelly known as a sea walnut. (AP Photo/Brown University, Stefan Siebert)

Sponges squeezed off oldest branch of animal tree

NEW YORK (AP) — Sponges are getting squeezed out of a distinctive role in evolution. A new study says they don’t represent the oldest branch of the animal family tree after all. The DNA research […]


Researchers prepare reagents for the DNA sequencing of patient samples on the school's campus in Houston. (AP Photo/Baylor College of Medicine, Agapito Sanchez)

Gene scans solve mystery diseases in kids, adults

They were mystery diseases that had stumped doctors for years — adults with strange symptoms and children with neurological problems, mental slowness or muscles too weak to let them stand. Now scientists say they were […]



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