This undated photo provided Monday, Aug.12, 2013, by Abri Peyrony Project shows people working at the excavation of the Neanderthal site of Abri Peyrony, southwestern France, where bone tools known as lissoirs, were recently discovered. (AP Photo/Image courtesy: Abri Peyrony Project)

Study suggests Neanderthals were more advanced

PARIS (AP) — Researchers have found what they say are specialized bone tools made by Neanderthals in Europe thousands of years before modern humans are thought to have arrived to share such skills, a discovery […]


Mammoth skeleton up for auction in Paris

PARIS (AP) – Looking for that must-have ornament for a cavernous living room or backyard lawn? Perk up, Sotheby’s is putting a complete Mammoth skeleton up for sale in Paris. The auction house plans the […]



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