Neighborhood Watch

Demonstrators march holding a cut-out of Trayvon Martin during a protest against the acquittal of George Zimmerman, neighborhood watch captain who shot unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin. (AP Photo)

Calif. cities join national day of Martin protests

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Carrying signs and chanting for justice, demonstrators walked in a series of rallies underway Saturday across California – and the nation – a week after the acquittal of George Zimmerman in […]


George Zimmerman (AP Photo)

Expert: Zimmerman was in worse shape than Martin

SANFORD, Fla. (AP) — A public safety expert called by the defense says George Zimmerman’s physical capabilities were inferior to those of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. Former police officer Dennis Root was called as a witness […]


Judge Debra Nelson during trial of George Zimmerman, neighborhood watch captain on trial for his shooting of Trayvon Martin, in Seminole circuit court, Sanford, Florida (AP Photo).

Judge strikes detective statements on Zimmerman

SANFORD, Fla. (AP) – A prosecutor in George Zimmerman’s murder trial on Tuesday tried to pick apart the statements of a Sanford Police detective who had been called as a prosecution witness a day before […]


George Zimmerman (AP Photo)

Prosecutor opens with Zimmerman’s obscenity

SANFORD, Fla. (AP) — George Zimmerman’s defense attorneys said in opening statements that the neighborhood watch volunteer fatally shot Trayvon Martin in self-defense. Defense attorney Don West told jurors Monday that Zimmerman was being viciously […]


George Zimmerman

Zimmerman judge considers allowing voice experts

SANFORD, Fla. (AP) — An expert hired by an Orlando newspaper is testifying that screams for help on 911 calls don’t match neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman’s voice. Tom Owen testified Friday at a hearing […]


Judge: Zimmerman defense can see Martin records

SANFORD, Fla. (AP) — A judge has ruled that attorneys for a Florida neighborhood watch volunteer can inspect the school records and social media postings of the unarmed teenager he is accused of murdering. Judge […]


Movie trailer pulled after Trayvon Martin shooting

(AP) — Any other time, there would be nothing controversial about the movie “Neighborhood Watch” releasing a trailer and putting up posters. But because it’s happening so soon after a neighborhood watch captain allegedly shot […]



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