New Hampshire

Reince Priebus

Soul-searching in focus as GOP gathers in NC

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — Republican soul-searching begins in earnest this week as GOP officials from every state in the nation come together for the first time since their party’s November shellacking.


Joe Biden

Biden meets with Democrats, stoking 2016 chatter

WASHINGTON (AP) — Joe Biden in 2016? The inauguration is barely over but the vice president already is dropping plenty of hints that he might have another political act.


State Police respond to shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, Connecticut.

Remains of Conn. gunman claimed for burial

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) – The body of the man who killed 26 people at a Connecticut elementary school has been claimed for burial.


Unions show muscle, spent millions in state races

WASHINGTON (AP) – When Maggie Hassan won the New Hampshire governor’s race this month, it wasn’t just a victory for fellow Democrats. Unions spent millions backing Hassan because she opposes a right-to-work bill that would […]


Obama? Romney? Nation decides after long campaign

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama moved ahead Tuesday night in the race for the White House, rolling up victory margins in the reliably Democratic Northeast and at home in Illinois. Republican Mitt Romney secured […]


Romney adds Election Day stops in Ohio and Pennsylvania

CHANTILLY, Va. (AP) – Mitt Romney will head to Ohio and Pennsylvania on Election Day for a last-minute flurry of campaigning before the polls close. Romney’s campaign has confirmed that the Republican presidential nominee will […]


Banks extend fee waivers for storm-hit customers

(AP) — Some of the nation’s biggest banks have extended temporary waivers on a variety of fees and late charges for residents of states hit hard by Superstorm Sandy. It’s an effort to ease pressure […]


Sandy disrupts presidential campaign 8 days out

WASHINGTON (AP) – Hurricane Sandy overran White House politicking Monday, with President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney calling off campaign rallies as the strengthening storm bore down on the East Coast. With eight days […]


Obama cancels Tuesday trip to Wisconsin

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) – President Barack Obama is cancelling more campaign events to monitor Hurricane Sandy back in Washington. The latest political event to get scrapped as the storm heads to the East Coast is […]


The day's business recap

NEW YORK & WASHINGTON (AP) — Wall Street’s key averages were little changed today, capping a negative week. The Dow gained nearly 4 points to 13,107. The S&P 500 fell 1 point, while the Nasdaq […]


Romney, Obama both take aim at Bush

(AP) – As they present their closing arguments, President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are occupying some unexpected common ground. Both are taking shots at former President George W. Bush. Obama, who dismissively suggested 2008 […]


College price hikes more modest but still painful

(AP) – The sticker price of in-state tuition at four-year public universities climbed about $400 this fall, an increase of nearly 5 percent that brought the average to $8,655. That’s a modest increase compared to […]