Daniel Larribe, one of four Frenchmen held hostage by al-Qaida militants for three years in the African Sahel, walks at the airport in Niamey, Niger, Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2013, one day after their release. (AP Photo/Tagaza Djibo)

Freed French hostages arrive home after 3 years

PARIS (AP) — Four Frenchmen held hostage by al-Qaida militants landed in France on Wednesday after three years in captivity in the punishing African Sahel. The wife and daughters of one hostage, Daniel Larribe, rushed […]



Inside job, 2 Canadian militants in Algerian siege

ALGIERS, Algeria (AP) — The Islamist militants who attacked a natural gas plant in the Sahara included two Canadians and a team of explosives experts who had memorized the layout of the sprawling complex.


In Niger, child marriage on rise due to hunger

HAWKANTAKI, Niger (AP) – Each day before the reaping, the 11-year-old girl walked between the stunted stalks of millet with a sense of mounting dread. In a normal year, the green shoots vaulted out of […]



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