Odyssey Marine Exploration

In this 2003 photo provided by Odyssey Marine Exploration, the company's eight-ton remotely operated vehicle, named Zeus, is launched for a descent to the ocean floor from the ship Odyssey Explorer about 100 miles off the coast of Georgia. (AP Photo/Odyssey Marine Exploration)

Shipwreck’s gold inventory released

CINCINNATI (AP) — Deep-sea explorers have recovered thousands of gold and silver coins and more than 40 heavy gold bars easily worth millions of dollars, and a slew of personal items that are a virtual […]



Federal judge orders company to pay Spain $1 million

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) – A federal judge has ordered a Tampa company marine exploration company to pay $1 million to the Spanish government for “bad faith and abusive litigation.” Spain wanted $3.3 million in legal […]



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