Paul Ryan

Fiscal debate

Debt crisis averted — but spring fight still ahead

WASHINGTON (AP) — Retreating with a purpose, Republicans sped legislation through the House to avert the imminent threat of a government default but pointing the way to a springtime budget struggle over Medicare, farm subsidies and other benefit programs.


Romney and Obama after third debate

Victor and vanquished: Obama has Romney to lunch

Bitter campaign foes just weeks ago, President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney met for lunch at the White House on Thursday, sitting down with an eye on overlapping interests rather than the sharp differences that defined their presidential contest.


Biden to appear on NBC's 'Parks and Recreation'

  WASHINGTON (AP) — Fresh off re-election, Vice President Joe Biden will appear on the NBC sitcom “Parks and Recreation” next Thursday. The vice president’s office said Biden taped a cameo appearance back in July. […]


Ryan says he will return to Congress

Paul Ryan says he will return to Congress (AP photo) BOSTON (AP) – Paul Ryan says he is returning to Congress. The failed Republican vice presidential nominee said Wednesday that he will be seated when […]


Romney concedes

Shortly before 10 p.m. PST on Wednesday, Mitt Romney appeared at the Boston Convention Center to deliver a concession speech. He was greeted by cheers and whistles in anticipation of what he’d say. Senior aides […]


Ryan blasts Obama energy policies in Ohio

BELMONT, Ohio (AP) – Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan is criticizing the Obama administration for what he says is its war on coal as he campaigns in eastern Ohio. Ryan urged about 1,100 supporters […]


GOP to continue focus on Libya consulate attack

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. (AP) – It’s an issue that is sure to come up again next week when President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney debate for a third and final time, with the focus on foreign […]


With 1 debate left, Obama, Romney return to battleground states

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. (AP) – In the aftermath of last night’s combative debate in suburban New York, President Barack Obama campaigns today in Iowa, while Mitt Romney will be in Virginia. The second debate between the […]


Clinton, Ryan continue campaign effort as Obama, Romney prepare for debate

WASHINGTON (AP) – As President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney prepare for tonight’s debate, the Obama campaign is turning to Bill Clinton to make the case against what it says is Romney’s $5 trillion tax […]


Study: Privatized Medicare would raise premiums

WASHINGTON (AP) – Nearly six in 10 Medicare recipients would pay higher premiums under a hypothetical privatized system, with wide regional differences leading to big hikes in some states and counties, a study released Monday […]





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