Tips for repairing your credit

Bob talks with John Ulzheimer, contributor to and with Jennifer Waters, Consumer Confidential columnist with


Penny and Phil Sound Bite

In a world full of “Anthony Weiners,” Penny and Phil talk digital dating

You keep hearing the ads for online dating services and how successful they are. But you also hear the news and it seems there are a ton of jerks out there. Elizabeth Cohen is the […]


Maggie and Michael sound bite

‘Tiny Superhero Capes’ lift spirits of sick children

Robyn Rosenberger originally sewed a superhero cape for her nephew’s second birthday and one for her year-old son at the same time. She had been watching a blog about a girl with a very rare […]


Penny and Phil Sound Bite

Penny and Phil’s Bits, Bites and Yuks

Intern Chris put together another compilation of moments he found funny on LA’s Morning News. This clip mash comes from the 4/11/13 program with Lisa Osborn filling in for Penny Griego.


Penny and Phil Sound Bite

Bits, Bites and Yuks from Penny and Phil

Intern Chris has been in the news room for two weeks and he apparently has found his niche. Listen (below) to a collection of moments from LA’s Morning News that he found humorous.  (Taken from […]



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