Pilot in cockpit of jet

Pilot’s artificial arm detaches while landing

LONDON (AP) — A British air accident report has recounted how a pilot briefly lost control of a passenger plane after his artificial arm became detached from the control yoke during landing. The report, published Thursday, […]


Deja Phew: Plane lands on NY highway for 2nd time

EAST MORICHES, N.Y. (AP) — A New York pilot has experienced deja phew. The same pilot who made an emergency landing last week in the median of a Long Island highway did the exact same […]


AV-8B Harrier aircraft lands on "nose stool" after landing gear malfunction aboard the USS Bataan in video posted on YouTube.

Marine pilot lands on aircraft carrier after malfunction (Video)

U.S. Marine Corps Captain William Mahoney, AV-8B Harrier aircraft pilot, talks about his experience during a controlled landing after his front landing gear malfunctioned on his aircraft aboard the USS Bataan at sea on June […]


An Alaska Airlines jet

Alaska Airlines: Pilot who fainted had stomach bug

SEATTLE (AP) — An Alaska Airlines spokesman says a pilot who lost consciousness while flying from Los Angeles to Seattle was suffering from food poisoning or a stomach virus.


F-22 pilot in Hawaii briefly has oxygen deficit

(AP) – The Hawaii Air National Guard said Tuesday one of its pilots briefly experienced an oxygen deficit while flying an F-22 stealth fighter last week. The pilot was heading back to Joint Base Pearl […]


Small plane crash in Glendale

(CNS) – A few hundred customers remained without electricity early this morning after a single-engine plane heading to Van Nuys Airport crashed on a street in Glendale, downing power lines but leaving the pilot with […]


Fighters intercept plane in restricted LA airspace

(AP) – The North American Aerospace Defense Command says two F-16 fighter jets intercepted a small plane that violated restricted airspace in the vicinity of northeast Los Angeles. A statement issued by the command did […]


NTSB releases recommendations for air races

(AP) – The National Transportation Safety Board says air race pilots should test out plane modifications and possibly wear flight suits to counter potentially dangerous g-forces. The recommendations were among seven the board offered Tuesday […]


Intercepted pilot charged with possession

Remember when President Obama visited the Los Angeles area last month, and a man piloted a small plane into restricted airspace, prompting Air Force fighter jets to intercept him? The man has been charged with […]



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