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Off-duty Calif. cop helps airport agent in Honolulu

HONOLULU (AP) — An off-duty California police officer who came to the rescue of a security agent being assaulted at the Honolulu airport was praised by federal authorities as video of the incident was released.


Genevieve Huizar, third from left, mother of Manuel Diaz, who was shot to death by Anaheim police. (AP Photo)

DA: Disputed Anaheim police shooting justified

SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) — An Anaheim police officer was legally justified when he shot and killed a 25-year-old man in July in the first of two shootings that caused weeks of angry protests in the city’s streets, the district attorney said after an investigation.


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Speeding Iowa dad ignores police with baby coming

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — An Iowa man who was pulled over for speeding as he tried to get his pregnant wife to the hospital says he was determined to keep going despite the blinking police lights behind him.


Police Officer Helps Deliver Baby After Pulling Over Speeding Car – Video

An Iowa City police officer assisted with a special delivery while on patrol late Sunday night. Officer Kevin Wolfe helped a woman deliver her third child at the intersection of Gilbert and Jefferson Streets after […]


Ohio judge again forces ‘idiot’ sign on defendant

CLEVELAND (AP) — A Cleveland judge who made a woman wear an “idiot” sign in public for driving around a school bus is calling for the public shaming of a man convicted of threatening police officers.


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LA hospital evacuated, bomb squad examines bag

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Los Angeles police say a man is under arrest and several floors of a hospital in the San Fernando Valley were evacuated for hours while a bomb squad examined his duffel bag.


Santa Cruz Shooting

2 police officers shot dead in Santa Cruz

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (AP) — Authorities have released the names of two Santa Cruz police officers who were shot and killed Tuesday as they followed up on a sexual assault investigation.


Probation for police officer in ticket fixing case

WESTMINSTER, Calif. (AP) — A Southern California police officer has been placed on probation for conspiring to dismiss a woman’s speeding ticket after she promised to send booze.


Don Lemon

CNN’s Don Lemon discusses the Dorner dilemma

Christopher Dorner’s reign of terror against the LAPD and other police officers has put the issue of overaggressive policing in the spotlight. CNN’s Don Lemon shares his opinion on the matter with Penny Griego and Lisa Osborn:


San Ysidro border crossing

Search for fugitive ex-LA cop slows border traffic

SAN DIEGO (AP) — U.S. border inspectors are warning of unusually heavy traffic at California border crossings into Mexico amid the search for a fugitive ex-police officer wanted in the slayings of three people.





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