Population Reference Bureau

American poverty

Americans’ economic security deteriorating

WASHINGTON (AP) – Four out of 5 U.S. adults struggle with joblessness, near poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives, a sign of deteriorating economic security and an elusive American […]


A church in a rural area. (AP Photo)

Rural America posts first-ever loss in population

WASHINGTON (AP) — Living in a rural Nevada town, Moe Royels recalls a more bustling time years ago when retirees poured in to enjoy the warm desert climate, nearby casinos and quiet community. But soon […]


Baby bust continues: US births down for 4th year

NEW YORK (AP) – U.S. births fell for the fourth year in a row, the government reported Wednesday, with experts calling it more proof that the weak economy has continued to dampen enthusiasm for having […]



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