Money 101 guest info, April 19

Jeff Lazerson Specialties: Mortgage interest rates, loan qualifying Phone: (800) 909-2668 Email: Website:


Money 101 guest info, April 12

Rick Sharga Specialties: Mortgages, real estate, foreclosures Phone: (949) 517-7310 Email: Website:


Money 101 guest info, April 10

Lloyd Segal Specialties: Foreclosure Phone: (310) 379-0101 Email: Website:   Gregg Wind Specialties: CPA, tax Phone: (310) 342-6400 Email: Website:  


Today on Money 101

The discussion on today’s Money 101 with Bob McCormick will include: What you need to know about filing your property taxes More last minute tax tips If you’re facing foreclosure, can you get help? The […]


Money 101 guest info, March 30

Phil Immel Specialties: Broken Associate & Guru Director – Luxury Properties Email: Website:   Chris Sorensen Specialties: Housing, banking, financial crisis Phone: (909) 262-0452 Email: Website:  


Now on Money 101

Today’s Money 101 with Bob McCormick will include: Keeping your head and your home above water Fighting foreclosure A lifeline for your underwater home You can call in between 9-11am today at (888) 539-2980 and […]


Prop 13 hearing today

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa will testify in Sacramento today at a hearing of the Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee. The hearing revolves around whether to change Proposition 13’s definition of change of ownership. The […]




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