Penny and Phil Sound Bite

Love, relationships & technology survey

If you are planning something special for your significant other for Valentines day, and that something special includes emailing or texting something racy, hold on a second while we discuss what could possibly happen to […]


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SEO is not your number one priority

Are you satisfied with your SEO strategy? Regardless, are you spending more time fiddling with Search Engine Optimization instead of reaching out to your real customers and strengthening those connections?  Behind each one of those […]


Maggie and Michael sound bite

Find out how modern dating works

If you’re concerned about how modern dating works, listen in as Chiara Atik — a dating expert at — explains to Maggie and Michael:


When it’s OK to lie in a relationship

Sean Huran, faculty member in the school of Communications at DePaul University, tells Maggie and Michael how romantic partners use affection to lie to each other, although he says it’s counter-intuitive. Click here to listen.


Money 101: Love, Sex and Money Week!

The week of June 25th, Bob McCormick tackles the top 3 topics that are on everyone’s mind: love, sex and money. This rollercoaster economy has reached deep into our personal lives and left literally no aspect […]



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