Bertolt Meyer, a social psychologist for the University of Zurich, poses for a photo in New York. Meyer is the face of the the Bionic Man and is featured in the Smithsonian Channel original documentary, "The Incredible Bionic Man." (AP Photo/Showtime, Joe Schram)

‘Bionic man’ walks, breathes with artificial parts

NEW YORK (AP) — Gentlemen, we can rebuild him, after all. We have the technology. The term “bionic man” was the stuff of science fiction in the 1970s, when a popular TV show called “The […]


Aquatic robotic challenge at Cal Tech

A competition begins at 2pm today that might look like something out of a Hollywood movie. Robotic aqua-vehicles will battle in an action-packed, head-to-head competition at Caltech. The goal is for the robots to retrieve […]