Sea lion

Sea lion swims in the coast off California (AP Photo)

San Diego sued over stinky sea lion waste

SAN DIEGO (AP) — San Diego’s La Jolla Cove stinks, and the culprit is sea lion poop. That’s according to a lawsuit filed last week by a hotel and restaurant. U-T San Diego reports the suit […]


Ronan, the California sea lion, that can keep a beat. (UC Santa Cruz video posted to YouTube)

California sea lion can keep the beat

The University of California Santa Cruz shows off a proud accomplishment in this video. A resident sea lion, Ronan, is the first non-human mammal with the demonstrable ability to find and keep the beat with musical stimuli. Watch the video here.


Sea lion swims in the coast off California (AP Photo)

Starving sea lion pups fill Calif. rescue centers

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Starving sea lion pups are washing up on Southern California beaches at a rate more than five times higher than usual, and scientists are scrambling to figure out why, officials said Wednesday.


Sea lion swims in the coast off California (AP Photo)

Stinky sea lions cause dilemma

VENTURA, Calif. (AP) – The sea lions in Ventura Harbor make a mess and stink like those at many other harbors in California but they also attract tourists so the port district has a dilemma.



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