Middle school ‘sexters’ likely to become sexually active

LOS ANGELES (CNS) – Middle school students who have engaged in “sexting” — sending or receiving sexually suggestive text messages or photos — are dramatically more likely to be sexually active, according to a USC […]



In France it’s not sexting, it’s textopornographie

PARIS (AP) — France, a nation with a centuries-old reputation for seduction, now has a word for sexting. If you want to send sexually explicit photos or text messages to your lover in France, it’s […]


Teens who 'sext' more likely to be sexually active (audio)

If your adolescent is sexting, they may be already sexually active and engaging in risky behavior, a new study suggests. Researchers are trying to better understand if young people are at greater risk for HIV […]


What is sexting and who does it – kids or adults?

We heard about the dangers of teen “sexting” for years, then in December 2011 a study published in the journal Pediatrics found that teen sexting was not as prevalent as had been previously reported. The […]



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