Mother punches skateboarder who ran into child

Professional skateboarder Leland Goldberg was filming a segment for a video called “Warm Gravy” according to the about section of a video that’s amassed more than 655,000 views. Warm Gravy is a skateboard video mixtape. […]


Laguna may crack down on juvenile skateboarders

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. (AP) – Skateboarders could find themselves without wheels unless they wear helmets under a proposed law by the City Council that comes up for a vote Tuesday night. State law requires youngsters […]


L.A. City Council bans skateboard 'bombing' down hills

(CNS) – In an effort to stop skateboarders from “bombing” down steep hills at death-defying speeds, the Los Angeles City Council today unanimously approved an ordinance that gives police more leeway in ticketing reckless riders. […]



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