Christian Wheel Let's Talk Tech 300

Solve your computer problems with ‘Let’s Talk Tech’

Christian Wheel, host of “Let’s Talk Tech,” will explain how all of your personal files, documents and photos are at risk. He will talk about backing up your computer, why it’s vital and a few […]


Money 101: Jobs for vets; how smart is your smartphone?

We have the information you need to help with your finances. Today on Money 101 with guest host Ron Kilgore the conversation will include: The fight to get jobs for veterans. How smart is your […]


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Judge holds self in contempt for his smartphone

IONIA, Mich. (AP) — A Michigan judge whose smartphone disrupted a hearing in his own courtroom has held himself in contempt and paid $25 for the infraction.


iPhone 5

Report: Apple to release updated phone this summer

NEW YORK (AP) — Apple is set for a possible summer launch of the next iPhone, rather than a fall launch like the last two models, according to a report Tuesday in The Wall Street Journal.



Crucial, long-overdue BlackBerry makeover arrives

TORONTO (AP) — The maker of the BlackBerry smartphone is promising a speedier device, a superb typing experience and the ability to keep work and personal identities separate on the same phone. It’s the fruit of a crucial, long-overdue makeover.


iPhone 5

AT&T says it sold more than 10M smartphones in 4Q

DALLAS (AP) — AT&T says it sold more than 10 million smartphones in the last three months of 2012, topping its previous record of 9.4 million set in the same period a year earlier.


Voters turn to smartphones during this election (audio)

A new survey from the Pew Internet and American Life Project highlights an electorate increasingly reliant on mobile devices to find and exchange campaign information, and fact-check presidential candidates. According to Pew’s findings, 88 percent of […]


It's 'App Week' on Money 101

“App Week” continues on Money 101 with Bob McCormick on Tuesday, May 22. The discussion will include: Protecting your smartphone from hackers. Is there an app for that? The best financial apps for your smartphone […]


'App Week' kicks off on Money 101

The discussion on today’s Money 101 with Bob McCormick will include: Designing your very own smartphone app How to make money from your own app Landlords vs. tenants The experts will take your calls today […]