Swing state

Go vote, Obama tells students in key state of Ohio

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – President Barack Obama is urging college students in Ohio to vote early, noting that the state’s registration deadline is just hours away. Obama is telling young voters at a large rally […]


Romney's post-debate bump (audio)

It’s been a neck-and-neck presidential race for months, with President Obama holding a statistical lead nationally and in many of the battleground states. But a Pew poll out today has Mitt Romney surging into the […]


Early voting kicks off in battleground Ohio

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – Voters in swing state Ohio are getting a chance to cast an early ballot for president, U.S. Senate and other races. Early voting for the Nov. 6 election started today, with […]


Unemployment rates rise in half of US states

WASHINGTON (AP) – Unemployment rates rose in more than half of U.S. states last month, the latest evidence that hiring remains tepid across the country. The Labor Department says rates increased in 26 states. They […]


Romney looks to add some details during L.A. stop

WASHINGTON (AP) – Mitt Romney is re-shaping his message. Aides say he’s moving from an all-economic pitch to an all-out challenge to what he argues is a failed status quo. Former party chairman Ed Gillespie […]



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