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Christian Wheel Let's Talk Tech 300

Holiday shopping guide on ‘Let’s Talk Tech’

Coming up Saturday afternoon at 5 on Let’s Talk Tech with host Christian Wheel, it’s our holiday shopping guide! With just a few days before Christmas, we’ve got the roundup of the best gifts for […]


Christian Wheel Let's Talk Tech 300

Solve your computer problems with ‘Let’s Talk Tech’

Christian Wheel, host of “Let’s Talk Tech,” will discuss the new Moto X on “Let’s Talk Tech,” Saturday at 5pm on KFWB. Last year, Google acquired Motorola, and the Moto X is the hot new […]



Learn about some cool apps for your smartphone

Bob talks with Christian Wheel — host of “Let’s Talk Tech” Saturdays at 5 p. m. on KFWB News Talk 980 — about some of the coolest apps that are currently available.



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