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2014 American Public Transportation Conference

At a time when gas prices are hovering just below 4 dollars a gallon, it might be time to consider public transportation. In fact, more and more people are doing just that. Ridership numbers are […]


Commuters board the "Triumphant", a catamaran serving as a ferry for Google employees on Thursday, Jan. 9, 2014, in Redwood City, Calif.  Google workers commuting from San Francisco to the company's Mountain View campus can now make the trip on an 83-foot, Wi-Fi-equipped catamaran.  (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

Google pledges $6.8M for San Francisco program

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Google is donating nearly $7 million to allow San Francisco to continue providing free bus and other transportation services to low-income city kids. City officials announced the donation on Thursday and […]


(AP Photo)

US cars and trucks hit record gas mileage in 2012

DETROIT (AP) — New cars and trucks sold in the U.S. last year got an average of 23.6 miles per gallon in combined city and highway driving, a record that came mainly through improvements to […]


A videographer photographing the Google self-driving car during a news conference at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute's Smart Road in Blacksburg Va. (AP Photo / The Roanoke Times, Matt Gentry, File)

Leaving the driving to a computer has big benefits

WASHINGTON (AP) — In some ways, computers make ideal drivers: They don’t drink and then climb behind the wheel. They don’t do drugs, get distracted, fall asleep, run red lights or tailgate. And their reaction […]


6 injured in Pasadena police helicopter mishap

ALTADENA, Calif. (AP) – Six people have been injured after two Pasadena police helicopters came into contact over a helipad. The injured, including the pilots, sustained minor injuries Saturday and were taken to nearby hospitals […]


Chino slaughterhouse to pay $300k settlement

CHINO, Calif. (AP) – The owners of a Chino slaughterhouse whose workers were caught on videotape abusing cattle, leading to one of the nation’s biggest beef recalls, have agreed to pay more than $300,000 to […]


LA man caught with suspicious watch at Nor Cal airport

RANCHO PALOS VERDES (CNS) – A 49-year-old Rancho Palos Verdes man was caught at Oakland International Airport with a watch that looked like a bomb was jailed, and more details of the incident emerged on […]


LA charges into new territory with express lanes

LOS ANGELES (AP) – It’s familiar fare for much of the country and the world, but new territory for car-crazy Los Angeles County: Freeway lanes that aren’t free. For the first time starting Saturday night, […]


Dangling NYC high-rise crane boom now tethered

NEW YORK (AP) – New York City’s mayor says the dangling boom of a midtown Manhattan crane damaged in the storm is tethered to the luxury high-rise building. Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Saturday that officials […]


NYC powers up but outer boroughs still have problems

NEW YORK (AP) – The lights are back on in lower Manhattan and that prompted screams of sweet relief from residents who’d been plunged into darkness for nearly five days by the superstorm. But their […]




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