Union Army

Confederate soldiers fire on Fort Sumpter, beginning the US Civil War

Re-enactment opens Gettysburg anniversary events

GETTYSBURG, Pa. (AP) — An opening volley of musket fire ushered in the start of the milestone commemoration of the Battle of Gettysburg on Friday, 150 years after the Union Army turned away a Confederate […]


Ala. council stops work on Confederate statue

SELMA, Ala. (AP) – Council members in an Alabama city voted Tuesday to stop a group’s work on a new monument honoring a Confederate general who was an early leader in the Ku Klux Klan. […]


Civil War remnants discovered beneath Va. college

(AP) – Archaeologists at the College of William and Mary have unearthed the remnants of a Civil War encampment by Union troops on their campus. Federal troops took over the campus following a battle in […]



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