University College Hospital

In this Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2013 photo, radiographer Diana Taubman points to a file X-ray, made in the past at a patient in Ireland that was diagnosed with tuberculosis, at a van in London. The white dots are pellets from a shotgun injury. Last year, London had about 3,500 TB cases - more than the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece and Norway combined. In response, health officials are taking to the streets in an effort to stop the spread of the infectious lung disease, with a high-tech white van equipped with an X-ray machine that drives around London offering free check-ups. London’s 460,000 British pounds (some $743,329 ) TB van has an X-ray machine whose scans can be instantly read by a radiographer. The entire process of getting an X-ray and its results takes about 90 seconds. (AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis)

London uses van with X-ray machine to find TB

LONDON (AP) — London is famed for its historic sites, its double-decker buses and its West End shows, but the city now has a more dubious distinction: Britain’s public health agency says it has become […]



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