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Penny and Phil Sound Bite

Lack of sleep can cause damage to the brain

If you are like me and Phil and you don’t get a lot of sleep, then we need to get together pool what’s left of our brain power. Apparently the damage has been done, and […]


Nick McGill, center, wears the Titan Arm, as he poses alongside his student colleagues Elizabeth Beattie, left, and Nick Parrotta at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Jacqueline Larma)

Pa. students’ robotic arm can make you stronger

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Need a hand lifting something? A robotic device invented by University of Pennsylvania engineering students can help its wearer carry an additional 40 pounds. Titan Arm looks and sounds like part of […]


The drug Axiron, an underarm gel used for boosting levels of testosterone. (AP Photo/Eli Lilly & Co.)

Low estrogen may play a role in ‘male menopause’

The ads tout testosterone treatments for “low T,” but surprising new research shows a different hormone may play a role in less sex drive and more fat as men age. Estrogen — the female hormone […]


Jonathan Ball, right, introduces Marta Drexler, an ovarian cancer patient, to McBaine who is in the first round of training for a study that will eventually involve detecting cancerous tissue at Penn Vet Working Dog Center in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Dogs help sniff out ovarian cancer in Pa. study

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Researchers trying to develop a diagnostic tool for ovarian cancer are hoping dogs’ keen sense of smell will lead them down the right path. An early detection device that combines old-fashioned olfactory […]


online privacy

Privacy – the online generation wants it

CHICAGO (AP) — Amid the debate over government surveillance, there’s been an assumption: Young people don’t care about privacy. Turns out, the generation that puts much of the “social” in social networking is much more […]


(AP Photo)

Stinky feet may lead to better malaria traps

LONDON (AP) — For decades, health officials have battled malaria with insecticides, bed nets and drugs. Now, scientists say there might be a potent new tool to fight the deadly mosquito-borne disease: the stench of […]


(AP Photo)

Study: Doctors often on board to help sick fliers

(AP) – Is there a doctor on board? Surprisingly often, there is — in half of in-flight medical emergencies — and sick airline passengers almost always survive, a new study finds. The research is the […]


job postings

US companies are posting more jobs but filling few

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. employers have more job openings than at any other time in nearly five years. That’s in part because they seem in no hurry to fill them.


Martin Luther King's signature on letter. (AP Photo)

MLK thank-you letter to Philly officer for sale

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A dealer of rare historic documents is selling a letter from Martin Luther King Jr. to a Philadelphia police officer who was assigned to protect him, expressing gratitude for the officer’s concerns.



Tough laws, reduced ranks — what next for unions?

From a sprawling United Auto Workers hall outside Detroit, John Zimmick has seen factories close and grown men cry when their jobs disappear. Through all the economic uncertainties of life in auto country, there has […]




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