Sand is thicker than blood: Summer travelers prefer beach over family, survey reveals

When it comes to summer vacations, it  seems sand is thicker than blood for many of you.  Summer travelers prefer ‘chillin’ out at the  beach over hanging out with some members of their family. Folks […]


Spanish king apologizes for elephant hunting trip

(AP) – In an unprecedented act of royal contrition, Spain’s king apologized Wednesday for having gone elephant-hunting in Africa while everyday people endure a severe economic crisis. “I am very sorry. I made a mistake. […]


Train to nowhere

A Nevada company is on the verge of landing a 4-point-9 billion dollar loan from the Obama administration to build a high-speed train that would rocket tourists from the middle of nowhere to the casinos […]


Izzy sniffs out contraband

Don’t you dare try to sneak duck tongues into the country through JFK airport in New York. If you try, chances are Izzy will find it. Izzy is a beagle that has been circling baggage […]