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Christopher Walken in viral video on YouTube.

Mashup viral video stars Christopher Walken

Christopher Walken is famed for his acting not his dancing, although he studied at the Washington Dance Theatre and boogied his way through Fatboy Slim’s “Weapon of Choice” video in 2001. It’s those dancin’ feet […]


Scene from Coca Cola video posted on YouTube.

Coke puts movie-goers onscreen to remind them not to slurp during movie

A hidden camera, a greenscreen, a very fast retoucher — and with a touch of a little moviemaking magic, an unforgettable night for everyone who slurped a Coca-Cola in the cinema.


Crime Stoppers Richard Masten eats evidence in defiance of judge's orders as seen in YouTube video.

Crime Stopper eats evidence in defiance of judge

Richard Masten, who oversees the popular Crime Stoppers tip line, took its privacy pledge to the extreme — defying a judge’s order to turn over information and swallowing a piece of paper that may have […]


KTLA morning anchors react during 4.4 earthquake as seen in video posted on YouTube.

KTLA news anchor’s on-air reaction to earthquake goes viral (Video)

KTLA news anchor’s on-air reaction to earthquake goes viral, topping 1.3 million views in just eight hours!


(AP Photo)

Would you publicly discipline your kid on Facebook? This mom did

Mother scolds 12-year-old daughter in a video she then posts on the child’s Facebook page. The video went viral and made it to the local news, but the mother defends her actions. See the video […]


Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith in video posted on YouTube.

Fallon-Smith video amasses more than 1 million hits in 1 day

Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith go through the history of hip-hop dances. In just one day, the video has been seen more than 1.4 million times.


From Mia Munselle via YouTube: "Camera falls from a sky diving airplane and lands on my property in my pig pen.
I found the camera 8 months later and viewed this video."

Camera falls from skydiving airplane and lands in pigpen

A viral video captures a camera — being used in a plane carrying skydivers — dropping to Earth and landing in a pigpen, where one of the farm’s residents investigates. Some are speculating whether the […]


Mother Son wedding dance posted on YouTube.

Mother – son wedding dance video goes viral: Watch why!

You’d expect a mother who runs a dance studio and her son to have the right dance moves for their mother-son dance. But this even took their friends and family by surprise. Blake Bunker married […]


A father's appeal to Facebook posted on YouTube.

Facebook grants grieving dad’s desperate wish

In honor of its 10th birthday, Facebook offered users a fun memento: a 62-second ‘look back’ video highlighting your biggest moments on Facebook. It’s 62 seconds one father in mourning desperately wanted to see. ‘Ever […]


K Mart video for "Ship My Pants" via YouTube

‘Ship My Pants’ goes viral

Kmart’s new ad campaign, “Ship My Pants,” has gone viral, amassing over 160,000 plays in it’s first day. Go ahead, click play. It’s only 35 seconds long.


Hannah Hart

Hannah Hart on Business Rockstars

Today on Business Rockstars, Ken Rutkowski talks with Hannah Hart, an internet personality and comedian, who is best known for starring in the weekly web series, “My Drunk Kitchen.” The winner of the 2013 Streamy Award for Best Female Performance in a Comedy, Hart’s Youtube channel, “My Harto,” has over 480,000 subscribers and 44.5 million video views.


"Burning My Hair Off" Video on YouTube

When a video tutorial goes wrong (Viral Video)

The latest viral video goes to a teenager who was creating a tutorial of how to curl your hair — or at least, that was the original intention. Over 15 million views later, she got more views than expected!